Brandon Medical?s new Coolview CLED11 versatile examination lamp is the perfect mid range lamp for a wide range of procedures. The CLED11 provides a high intensity, bright white light, colour corrected to natural daylight, perfect for
medical consultation in primary care medical clinics.

Lighting Quality

  • 40,000 lux of bright white light at 0.5m
  • Fixed light intensity at optimal level for general examination and ease of use


  • SX multiflex arm for additional positioning flexibility
  • Elegant FX arm provides smooth movement, easy positioning and easy clean exteriors _ 850mm reach
  • Integrated transformers
  • Turn restrictors & locking brackets
  • Models include wall, mobile, rail and desk mountings

Cold Light

  • Does not emit any infrared radiation, avoiding heat exposure
    during examinations

Environmentally Friendly

  • Emits an intense bright light only using 8 watts of power
  • The CLED 11 does not contain Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, CDCs, PoPs, VOCs or Halogens

Technical Information

  • Light intensity @ 0.5m 40,000 Lux
  • Colour temperature 4,400?K
  • Colour Rendition Index (Ra) >93
  • Illuminance field 180mm (at 0.5m)
  • Power consumption 8-13W
  • Class of protection II
  • Safety standards EN60601_1, EN60601_2_41
  • Base of arm rotation 150?
  • Head rotation 270?