Introducing the Dopplex DMX Digital Doppler, designed to improved performance in the vascular assessment of arterial disease (PAD), diabetic foot and wound management.

  • Doppler & Arterial PPG Waveforms – Displayed on high resolution colour screen
  • Improved Audio – Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction and gel filter
  • Trace & Sound Storage – Store and playback patient tests
  • Connectivity & Communications – Via USB & Bluetooth to software package
  • Improved Performance – Specially designed high performance probes
  • Rechargeable – Reduced running costs
  • 3 Year Warranty

High resolution colour display

  • Waveforms displayed in high definition
  • Wide viewing angle

Bi-directional waveform generated from the digital Doppler spectrum with auto scaling feature.

  • Maximises accuracy and clarity of waveforms; essential for patients with poor
    blood flow.

Data storage on micro SD card

  • Store waveforms and sounds for review or transfer to optional DR5 software package for printing reports

Integrated charging & connectivity

  • USB port for quick and easy charging and communication with our software. Bluetooth wireless technology and stereo headphone connection socket

High sensitivity interchangeable probes

  • All new XS probes have been calibrated and fine-tuned for optimum use
    An optional PPG probe provides easy and accurate measurement of toe pressures.

Hear the difference

  • Digital sound processing enables our new Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction (DDNR) system to eliminate the background hiss and the gel filter reduces the loud crackle when gel is applied.

Probes ordered seprately – Please select required probe from accessories below.