The NC1 Dermatoscope is truly two instruments in one. – NC1 Dermatoscope Head, contact plate with scale, mini 3000 LED F.O. Otoscope Head, 2 mini 3000 rechargeable handles with rechargeable battery, mini NT Table Charger

It allows detailed, non-contact examination of the patient in a first NEW screening, without unnecessary skin contact and disinfection. Should a skin lesion need to be examined more closely, a contact plate can be added, transforming the NC1 into a contact Dermatoscope with increased magnification and a scale.

High-resolution aspheric optics provides unmatched sharpness and resolution; LEDHQ illumination offers true and natural colour rendering. The solid aluminum frame combined with HEINE Quality guarantee a long lifespan.

  • Non-Contact Dermatoscopy – Non-contact screening for efficient examination and a professional distance from the patient. Large field of view, excellent depth of field with 6 x magnifiaction.
  • Polarised Light – Detailed views of crystalline and vascular structures without reflexes.
  • Optional Contact Plate – Magnetic contact plate with 9 x magnification provides high-quality contact images for a more detailed diagnosis.
  • Led In HEINE Quality – Advanced LED illumination for an absolutely homogeneous light with true and natural colour rendering.