The LD400R is the comprehensive solution for precision, ease of use, quality patient management and rapid exam time. Its easy 2 button operation allows for quick exam selections. It’s kinetic fixation and voice prompts eliminates the duty of urging patient fixation.

It provides 4 exam strategies: Threshold Related Suprathreshold, Full Threshold, Fast Threshold and Quantify Missed Points. The LD400R offers the superior results, speed and analysis needed to see more patients without sacrificing patient care.

  • Voice prompts and speech recognition vailable in 28 languages
  • Patient friendly kinetic fixation
  • Single or multiple stimulus testing
  • A full suite of 14 exams
  • Rapid exam time
  • Select language and print test results via USB
  • Enhanced patient management and data analysis with the included
  • Advanced Field View Software
  • Fully networkable
  • Widows 7 and Vista compatible