Mobile Clinic

Whether providing aid to remote settlements or prophylaxis, for primary care or childbirth, EmmertMobileCare is your partner for mobile medical care. We have a wide range of mobile units including: examination units for first aid & prophylactic care, Fire service command vehicles, Dental care units, Blood donation units, Dialysis units, etc



Do you treat people in a demanding environment? EmmertMobileCare is your partner for mobile medical care. Our mobile units consist of a chassis with a sandwich construction swap body. Regardless of the manufacturer, we can convert all chassis with a total weight of between 3.5 and 18 tonnes to a mobile unit. The body modules are designed to be variable: we individually cut in doors, windows and steps and we adapt the spatial layout to the intended use. Power supply, ventilation and air conditioning units can be installed according to your needs and can be supplemented with a sophisticated fresh water and drainage system. The result is a fully self-sufficient vehicle which is tailored to the exact area of operation and to your needs.


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