The QBC ParaLens Advance System transforms your light microscope into an LED fluorescent microscope at a fraction of the cost for detection of Malaria, TB, Trypanosomes and other blood-borne parasites.


The ParaLens Advance is a cutting-edge microscope attachment designed to provide the many benefits of LED fluorescence microscopy to any light microscope.


The patent-pending design of the ParaLens Advance offers features unmatched by competing fluorescence microscopy products, including:

  • The ability to upgrade any light microscope
  • A durable, bright LED light source
  • Multiple convenient power options

The QBC ParaLens Advance is simple to use and requires no daily cleaning.

It is also sturdy with no liquid handling or moving parts. Features include:

  • Sensitivity, specificity, rapid testing, and easy use
  • Sensitivity is high enough to detect as few as 50 molecules per cubic micrometer
  • The ability to upgrade any light microscope
  • A durable, bright LED light source
  • No mercury
  • Multiple convenient power options
  • Economical
  • Fast switching between objectives
  • Long lifetime
  • Quiet operation
  • Full control of light intensity
  • No warm up required
  • No down time
  • No hazardous materials

The QBC ParaLens Advance™ is a microscope attachment that utilises a durable, long-lasting LED light source to provide fluorescence capabilities to any light microscope. The ParaLens Advance light source can be powered by a AC to DC power pack, a solar powered battery pack, a USB port, or other convenient power sources.


QBC ParaLens Advance with 60x Objective

The ParaLens Advance with 60x objective is designed for malaria detection using the QBC Malaria Diagnostic Kit. Includes main body assembly with 60x objective, blue LED light source, detachable filter set arm for use with blue LED light source, power pack with international plug adapters, one 30 mL bottle of immersion oil, ParaViewer™, flat blade screwdriver, and ParaLens Advance preventative maintenance kit, packaged in a hard shell carrying case.