• 2plus has LCD screen for viewing traces , stored ECG’s and input of patient data via QWERTY keyboard wuth rubber keys.
  • Low cost A4 print, 12 lead ECG portable only 4.8Kg.
  • Auto-start button prints ECG traces, choice of 6 leads per page or the popular 4 x 3 leads plus rhythm strip. Manual button provides real time print-outs
  • Filters for baseline, electrical and muscle tremor interference, provides clear traces
  • Lead off warning and identification
  • Useful copy button for additional ECG traces
  • 12 simultaneously acquired ECG traces printed on A4 paper up to 240 recordings per pack
  • Mains and battery operation. Battery when fully charged provides 400 recordings
  • Optional high quality interpretive programme
  • Supplied complete with mains cable, patient cable, pack of z-fold paper, dust cover & user manual and either of the following kits:

Type 1 – 500 Disposable electrodes & alligator clips


Type 2 – 6 Suction electrodes & 4 limb clamps

  • Schiller 3 year warranty
  • CE marked