Lifecard CF is the gold standard in ambulatory ECG recording utilised in over 90% of all UK Hospitals. Lifecard CF is a flexible innovative device capable of recording full disclosure ECG for up to 7 days, taking digital Holter recording to a higher level. 12-bit resolution and Ultrasharp™ technology deliver outstanding ECG quality for accurate analysis from the most challenging recording environments.


Diagnose quickly – Lifecard CF Holter recordings can be reviewed in surgery using the optional Lifescreen analysis software, or for a greater depth of analysis and interpretation, recordings can be uploaded securely to either our partners Express Diagnostics, or your local NHS Cardiology centre via the optional Sentinel Remote Data Transfer (RDT) PC software.


  • Diagnose arrhythmias before they become an everyday occurrence with 7 day continuous ECG
  • 24hr/48hr or 7 day continuous recording capability
  • Fully compatible with the Pathfinder Holter Analyser, in use in 93% of Cardiology centres
  • On board ECG display
  • Advanced 12 bit technology
  • Splash proof, rated IPX4
  • Low running cost – single AAA battery
  • Fast reliable hook up using integral voice recoding feature
  • Compact flashcard technology – no risk of data loss
  • Reports can be easily attached to all leading EMR systems including EMIS, System One, Vision & iSOFT, as a PDF file