Includes Software modules for Spirometry, ECG, SpO2, BP, Weight, 6MWT Bronchial Challenge Testing)


12 Lead ECG

  • Very low occurrence of lead artefact.
  • Interpretation and analysis using the world class University of Glasgow Algorithm, providing detailed diagnostic suggestions and evaluation of results
  • ECG measurements are captured and transmitted for display in real-time and data is automatically saved for recall, reporting or printing. The built-in display provides information on electrode contact problems, heart rate, battery status, communication status and digital pacemaker detection.
  • Operator controlled selection of a 10-s sample trace, but can capture and store several minutes of 12-lead ECG recording
  • Visual Electrode contact indication
  • Wireless data transmission (BT range10m)
  • Multi-channel and 12-lead overview 
  • View traces as 1×12, 2×6 or 3×4 plus rhythm strip
  • Automatic pacemaker detection

Bronchial Challenge (ATS & Mannitol) Testing


Pulse Oximetry

  • Pulse Oximetry Software feature allows you to plug an SpO2 sensor directly into the USB port on your COMPACT Expert to deliver accurate and high quality oximetry alongside spirometry.
  • Calculates, trends and reports all primary parameters including SpO2/pulse rate.

COPD Assessment

  • Spirometry and pulse oximetry data is automatically or manually integrated using the ATS/ERS 6-minute walk test protocol
  • BODE Index Predicts COPD mortality based on FEV₁,6MWT, BMI, MMRC and BORG Scale

Blood Pressure

  • Blood Pressure data can be transferred to the database from the BP device or entered manually.

Weight Data

  • Weight data can be transferred to the database from Bluetooth medical weighing scales or entered manually.