Maintaining an upright position during labor and birth is a World Health Organization recommendation that has been proven to decrease emergency caesarean births by 29%, fetal heart rate abnormalities by 54% and medically assisted births by 23% while additionally providing a significant reduction in the length of labor.


However, in many countries the only products available, birth balls and traditional birth stools are significantly limited in their application in terms of who can use them, how long they can be used for and where they can be used. This led to the concept of creating an easy to use solution that would overcome these barriers to facilitating birth in an upright position for all women no matter where they give birth.


The result is the Comfortable, Upright, Birth support, known as the CUB; a versatile, inflatable, portable device designed to help the baby to be in, and stay in, the optimal (easiest) position for birth and the mother to optimize the available space in her pelvis for a faster, safer, and more comfortable birth.


Two Separate Inflation Valves
The CUB can be used with only the top chamber inflated to increase its versatility.
Double Layer Top & Base
Minimise risk of puncture on surfaces with most direct contact.
Large Stable Base
Ergonomically designed to promote comfort & stability.
Two Separate Inflation Chambers
A safety feature designed to prevent total deflation if the CUB is punctured in one chamber.

  • Reduced need for Epidural.
  • Imporoved perineal integrity, less vulvar oedema.
  • Reduction in emergency caesarean sections.
  • Upright positions can reduce the duration of the second stage of labour.
  • Uterine contractions are more effective.

The CUB is a re-usable but semi-disposable product. It can be cleaned with any antibacterial, sporicidal or hypochlorite (bleach) cleaner; either spray or wipes (any cleaner used on hospital delivery beds can be used) However it should be noted that cleaning products used on the CUB may degrade the material over time, so the product should be regularly inspected for signs of degradation and replaced every 3-6 months.

  • Maximum user weight 120kg
  • Product Weight 2kg
  • Materials 0.500mm Biocompatible PVC
  • Two separate inflation valve chambers
  • Complies with EN71 – 1,2,3