Reliable measurement values due to outstanding measurement accuracy and intuitive operation.

  • Graphic display with 16 mio. colours and touch screen
  • Outstanding measurement accuracy with precise results (+/- 3 mmHg, pulse 30 – 220/min). Meets the high scientific requirements of the European Society of Hypertension with regard to the accuracy of the measured values
  • Digital, fully automatic, with intuitive menu navigation. Easy to use, optimises the workflow and saves time
  • Capable of memorising recent blood pressure and pulse readings. 500 memory spaces per measurement mode
  • Three measuring modes. Rapid single measurements, double measurements and manual measurements (auscultation with stethoscope)
  • Reliably detects cardiac dysrhythmia and motion artifacts
  • Easy and quick hygienic reprocessing due to optimised design and without any moving control elements