Heine Gamma GP Sphygmomanometer with Adult Cuff. Standard Instrument with Push-Button Valve.

Equipped with an innovative, absolutely reliable and easy-to-operate push-button valve, the new GAMMA GP combines all the design and quality features of the tried and proven GAMMA G5.

  • I nnovative Push-Button Valve. Fine and precise air-release rate adjustment, ultra-fast air-release, practically wear-free. Easy to operate by both left- and righthanded users.
  • 5 Year Warranty*.

* The GAMMA GP is warranted against defects in manufacture and workmanship.

  • Shockproof.
  • Latex-free.
  • Exclusive pressure-distribution system.
  • Pressure-proof manometer.
  • Ensures durability and reliability.
  • Micro filter.
  • Protects valve and manometer.
  • Large diameter scale.
  • 56 mm diameter black-on-white scale is easy to read.
  • High quality indicator.
  • Precisely calibrated, durable and shock resistant.
  • Large insufflation bulb.
  • 50 % larger bulb volume for fast inflation of the cuff. Exclusive air-release valve.
  • Provides fine and precise air release rate adjustment, quick deflation, and extreme durability.
  • A rubber-stop prevents valve-lock.
  • Upper housing made of aluminium alloy with a shock absorbing ring protecting indicator andglass.
  • Lower housing is moulded of shockproof plastic with shock absorbing, anti-slip coating.
  • High quality, single-tube cuff with velcro fastener. Washable. Adjustable spoon (plastic).
  • For both right or left-handed operation.


  • Shockproof double-walled construction with unique manometerprotection.
  • The robust double-walled construction with a unique triple manometer mount gives ideal protection against shocks, comfortably exceeding both the European EN1060 and the American SP9 tests.


  • Single-tube construction with an innovative air pressure distribution system.
  • The valve construction provides ideal air pressure conditions to absorb pressure peaks in the air flow to the manometer during inflation. This advantage was only possible until now with twin-tube systems.