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MEDUMAT EasyCPR Emergency Ventilator

Voice-Guided Ventilator Optimized for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. For controlled ventilation (IPPV) with CPR mode,
demand flow mode


Top Facts

What Makes Handling MEDUMAT EasyCPR so Easy and Safe?

  • Reduced risk of gastric insufflation, barotrauma, and hyperventilation compared to bag mask ventilation
  • Easy and safe to use through a color legend and a single multistep flow selector
  • Manual mode with clear voice prompts and issue of a metronome sound for chest compression(s)
  • Mechanical breaths administered manually and near to the patient with MEDUtrigger
  • Alarm system with alarm LEDs and alarm sounds
  • Lightweight at only 700 g – ideal for bags, emergency backpacks or wall mounting
  • Can be used consistently in the most vital of ventilation situations (demand flow mode, manual mode, continuous ventilation)


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