Modern and practical design unites the most demanded functions.


SCHILLER’s DIAGNOSTIC STATION DS20 MASIMO 12-Lead 0A.800010 simplifies your daily work:

  • Most vital signs and physical assessment tools united in one device
  • Large, interactive touch screen
  • Intuitive guidance and ease of use

Includes the following parameters:

  • ECG (3/7/12 leads) including Resting ECG interpretation
  • Respiration
  • Masimo Pulse Oxyimetry SpO2
  • Non invasive blood pressure (NIBP)


  • Masimo M-LNCS RC-4 SpO2 connecting cable (2.310319)
  • Masimo SpO2 reusable finger clip sensor M-LNCS DCI-3 adult > 30kg ( 2.100598)
  • NIBP connecting hose 3,5m (2.100746)
  • NIBP cuff adult latex free 25-35cm (2.120018)
  • 3-wire patient cable IEC 3m, clip type (2.400215) or: 5-wire patient cable IEC
  • 3m, clip type (2.400216) – if not specified – 2.400215 will be supplied
  • 10-wire patient cable IEC 2m, banana plug (2.400070) or: 10-wire patient cable IEC 3.5m, clip type (2.400095) – if not specified – 2.400070 will be supplied
  • Disposable ECG electrodes, set of 25 pcs (2.155025)
  • Adult clamp extremity electrode, set of 4 pcs (2.155020)
  • Delivered only with banana plug type patient cable: SCHILLER Biotab electrode, set of 500 pcs (2.155031) and snap-clip adapter, set of 10 pcs (2.155032)
  • Mains cable
  • Instruction manual

Pictures for display purposes only, please look at accessories below.