ARGUS LCX This ultraflat and x-tremely user-friendly patient-monitor can be mounted easily on a wall or roll mount.


• Bright large 15” TFT screen

• Easy to use interface by trimknob

• Built-in 3-channel thermal printer (optional)

• Software update with USB stick

• Trends storage for 24 hours with alarm history

• Noiseless operation no internal fan

• Ultrafast calibration-free etCO2 module can be installed later by the user. No technical changes necessary – simply connect and use

• Standby and transport modes

• ECG: 3 lead or 5 lead cable

• Respiration

• Pulse oximetry (SpO2)

• Pulse rate

• Temperature

• Non-invasive blood pressure (oscillometric)

• etCO2 sidestream (optional)