Introducing the Sonicaid SRX Digital Rate and Trace display Doppler with choice of interchangeable non-waterproof 2MHz or3MHz probes.

Compatible with all Dopplex vascular XS probes for audio only screening or arteries and veins.

  • Large FHR numeric or trace modes – Offers enhanced FHR screening with high visibility backlit colour screen with “BIG” numbers & “TRACE” display view
  • Improved Audio – Dynamic Digital Noise Reduction and gel filter
  • Trace & Sound Storage – Store and playback patient tests
  • Connectivity & Communications – Via USB to software package
  • Improved Performance – Specially designed high performance probes
  • Rechargeable – Reduced running costs
  • 3 Year Warranty

All Huntleigh Fetal Dopplers include a free Sonicaid Dilatation Guide. – This Dilatation Guide will help healthcare staff track how a woman’s labor is progressing. The chart ranges from 1-10cm.


Probes ordered seprately – Please select required probe from accessories below.