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Bistos BT-150 Hi-Bebe Desktop Breast Pump


BT-150 electric breast pump is intended to be used by a lactating woman for expressing and collecting milk from her breasts.


As the same principle with the baby sucking the mother’s milk, the breast pump electronically operates the vacuum pump and applies vacuum pressure generated at that time to the breast of the mother in order to express the breast milk from the breasts to outside.

BT-150 is an electric breast pump used in the home environment, which service massage and expression mode and is capable of single and double pumping.

The operating life of this breast pump is expected to be approximately 150 minutes sessions per day, for one year.


  • Memory customized expression sequence
  • Vacuum control in 16 levels
  • Backflow prevention
  • 3 operation mode (express, Massage, Memory)
  • Lamp for nursing night
  • Mobile app for blutooth.
  • Silent Operating
  • Operating time display
  • Convenient and graceful design


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