Quasar? eLite Mobile is a high performance operating theatre light mounted on a mobile base. Features include:

Near Perfect Colour Rendition
For the best visualisation during surgery.

Fat Beam Technology
The largest light beams of any current product.

Unique Comfort Halo
A soft halo of light to reduce eye strain from high contrasts of light intensity.

Designed to Minimise Infections
Easy to clean, sealed light head, remote controls and anti-microbial coatings.

HD-SDI Camera ?Inside?
Integrated cameras are fully enclosed inside the light head for cleanliness and reduced cost.

Premium Quality Movement
Low weight light head and perfectly balanced arm system.


Intuitive Lighting Controls

Quasar? eLite?s ergonomic lighting control systems provide clear and intuitive adjustment of all lighting functions by the surgical team. This can be done
at the light head, or outside of the sterile field via a secure wireless wall mounted control system.

Functions include:

  • Electronic lighting control from the light head keypad.
  • Focus (field size) adjustment from the keypad, sterilisable handle and wall mounted control.
  • Red Balance Control to optimise the visualisation of red tissue.
  • Light intensity control with endoscopy setting (5%).

Fat Beam Technology

Quasar? eLite provides the very best light beam quality of any other product. More light flux ensures the widest beams of light, bigger illuminated fields and more light across the full width of the illuminated area.

  • High light intensity across the full illuminated area for uniform vision.
  • Large wound sites can be easily examined.
  • Beam size is adjustable to user preference.
  • 420mm beam diameter.
    d10 d50
  • Narrow Beam 200mm 120mm
  • Wide Beam 420mm 250mm

Minimal Environmental Impact

  • The highest lighting performance with the smallest energy consumption.
  • Estimated CO2 reductions of at least 1.25 tonnes per year.
  • LED life more than 60,000 hours.
  • HD-LED does not use mercury, lead, cadmium, CFCs POPs, VOCs or halogens.


  • Ergonomics have been a major factor in the design process of Quasar? eLite resulting in a light with unparalleled user benefits:
  • Light head edges form ?virtual handles?.
  • Low-weight light head allows easy positioning.
  • Six rotations light head.
  • Needle roller bearings suspension system.


  • >60,000 hours LED Life.
  • Hard wearing, custom designed bearings.
  • Six individual light engines ensure continuous illumination in the event of module failure.