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DefiMonitor XD- Defibrillator/Monitor


Manual biphasic external defibrillator (CCD), asynchronous / synchronous defibrillation, printer, 6-lead
ECG. Defibrillator can be powered by rechargeable battery or mains.


Optional device configurations

XD pro­ducts can also be equip­ped with op­tio­nal con­fi­gu­ra­ti­ons so that pa­ti­ents can be mo­ni­to­red even more clo­se­ly:

  • Nell­cor SpO2 pulse oxi­me­ter
  • Transt­ho­r­a­cic, ex­ter­nal pa­ce­maker
  • xe ver­si­on star­ting at 2 Joule
  • Au­to­ma­tic VF de­tec­tion
  • Au­to­mo­de


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