Small, easy to handle, precise and accurate. That’s the new HemoCue® Glucose 201+ in a nutshell! The system combines the precision and accuracy of a
central laboratory with the speed and convenience of obtaining results at the point-of-care. The HemoCue® Glucose 201+ stores test results, date and time
for up to 600 measurements. The data can be printed directly via an external printer or downloaded to a PC.


  • HemoCue® technology is in a class of its own for accurate blood glucose measurements at the point-of-care and can easily be quality assured.
  • Pocket size excellence
  • Tried and tested for more than a decade, the precision and accuracy of
  • HemoCue® technology is acknowledged by experts worldwide
  • Dual wavelength photometry and specially designed cuvettes containing freeze-dried reagent, the HemoCue® Glucose 201+ delivers results that only
    laboratories can match and is approved for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.
  • Easy to use in three simple steps means you don’t need to be a trained lab technician to use the HemoCue® Glucose 201+
  • Result are displayed within a few minutes and are fully comparable to a laboratory analysis
  • Accurate blood glucose results when you are on the move
  • Dual wavelength measuring method, 660 and 840 nm, to compensate for turbidity
  • Results are displayed within 40 –240 seconds depending on the glucose concentration
  • Measuring range: 0 –22.2 mmol/L (0 – 400 mg/dL)
  • The HemoCue® Glucose 201+ has an internal electronic ”SELFTEST” – Every time the analyser is turned on, it will automatically verify the performance of the optronic unit of the analyser, this test is performed every second hour if the analyser is left turned on

Three simple steps

  • Fill the cuvette with a drop of blood
  • Place cuvette in the analyser
  • Receive a lab-quality result within 40-240 seconds

Free Training Available when Purchased