Effective and Innovative
Mini Anne Plus is a cost-effective solution for teaching quality CPR using durable and reusable manikins. Ten individual manikins are included in each set, increasing student hands-on time during training.

The innovative new pump bag provides a simple, hygienic inflation method. Mini Anne Plus includes everything to get your CPR programme up and running in one convenient bag.

CPR training solution for your community
The new Mini Anne Plus kit is a quality CPR training solution for communities with improved:

  • Training – individual manikins increases hands on time for skills practice
  • Feedback –compression depth clicker reinforces Quality CPR recommendations
  • Simplicity –all the requirements for a course in one convenient, portable, reusable kit

CPR training kit for our schools
CPR training programmes in schools help save lives. Research shows training school children increases their confidence, willingness to act, and CPR skills performance in the event of an out of hospital cardiac arrest.

In just 20 minutes, students can practise while watching – improving learning and retention of skills. The new Mini Anne Plus kit contains reusable manikins, new hygienic inflation pump bag, and compression feedback designed to encourage school children to practise and perfect their technique

The new Mini Anne Plus kit is designed for school CPR training programmes with improved:

  • Quality – a durable, reusable individual manikin for each student
  • Feedback – adjustable clicker settings gives compression feedback for new learners
  • Simplicity – designed for quick and easy set up between classes, plus take home option for further practise

Why Mini Anne Plus?

  • Class set of manikins increases student hands on time for CPR skills practise
  • Adjustable clicker settings gives feedback on compressions to Guidelines 2010 recommendations and provides encouragement to new learners
  • Unique inflation method doubles as storage bag for safe keeping of each manikin between classes
  • Convenient carry bag includes manikin and consumables designed to reduce set up time between classes
  • Reusable class set makes layperson CPR training more cost effective

Standard kit includes:
10 manikins (light skin), 10 kneel mats, 10 pump bags, 1 carry bag, 2 mesh collection bags, 10 face masks, 50 manikin wipes, 50 airways