MEDUMAT Standardᵃ Ventilator

Top Facts

  • Automatic self-test when ventilator is switched on
  • Color coding and arrow system simplifies fast and safe parameter settings for each patient group
  • Settings for respiratory minute volume, respiratory rate and maximum ventilation pressure are infinitely adjustable
  • Visual and acoustic alarms warn of acute problems such as stenosis, disconnection, loss of supply pressure, inadequate battery capacity, system outage, no triggering by patient


MEDUMAT Standard a Ventilator,

for controlled and assisted ventilation (IPPV) with:
Patient hose system with patient valve (WM 22520), ventilation mask with inflatable mask seal of silicone for adults, Size 5 (WM 5074),

Test set for functional check (WM 15382), Set of mounting elements (WM 15288)


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