These combined shaker and incubators are ideal for scientists doing cell culturing procedures, especially suspension culture applications. All units are compact enough to be positioned on the laboratory bench.

When combined with the SRC4 recirculating cooler, or equivalent, the SI600C can operate at temperatures down to 15oC below ambient (min. 5oC) making it ideal for low temperature applications, such as cell based protein expression.

In all models the shaker provides an orbital shaking motion, adjustable between 30 to 300rpm with a gentle start action. The shaking speed is microprocessor controlled and set via the digital LED control panel. The incubator also incorporates a versatile digital timer which can be set from 1 second to 9 days. After the timer has counted down the shaking action will stop and an alert will sound, as a safety feature the incubator will continue to run.

The incubators feature smoked acrylic windows in the door and to both sides to allow easy visibility of the samples. In the case of the SI600C all viewing windows are also double glazed to prevent condensation when the unit is set to sub-ambient temperatures. The incubators temperature is set via a separate bright LED display, encoder control ensures that the temperature can be quickly set between ambient temperature +5°C and 60°C for the SI500 & SI600 and ambient -15oC (min. 5oC) and 60oC* for the SI600C. Forced air circulation ensures uniform heating of the load.

  • Combined incubator shakers
  • SI600C is also available with cooling*
  • 51 or 115 Litre capacity available
  • Digital display for temperature and speed
  • Integrated timer
  • Unique retractable platform for easy loading and unloading
  • Angle adjustable accessory tube racks, with Magnalock coupling system available
  • Communications enabled for external temperature measurement