Uses a cradle system, rather than a non slip mat, to comfortably hold flasks. The cradle type platform has four rubber cushioned horizontal securing bars with quick release handles. They can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally to hold most sizes and types of vessel, including flasks, bottles and beakers. For example, they will accommodate the following Erlenmeyer flasks or bottles: 12 x 250ml or 9 x 500ml or 4 x 1000ml or 2 x 2000ml.

The main advantage of this cradle system is that it can accommodate different sizes of vessel, a common requirement where shakers are used by different people in the laboratory.

  • Platform dimensions (w x l): 335 x 335mm
  • Speed range: 30 to 300rpm
  • Orbit / amplitude: 16mm
  • Maximum load: 10kg
  • Overall dimensions (w x d x h): 360 x 420 x 270mm
  • Operational temperature range: +4 to +40°C
  • Maximum permissible humidity: 80%
  • Net weight: 11kg