The Genova series of spectrophotometers are ideal for life science applications. There are two models in the range – the Genova Plus and Genova Nano. The Genova Plus has pre-programmed methods for the measurement of nucleic acid concentrations and protein assays plus measurement modes for determining the purity of nucleic acids and optical density (OD) for cell harvesting. The Genova Nano has the same functionality as the Genova Plus but instead of requiring cuvettes, the sample can be directly pipetted onto the read head.


Both instruments can also be used as a standard spectrophotometer with measurement modes for photometrics, concentration, multi-wavelength, spectrum scanning, quantitation and kinetics.


  • Pre-programmed for DNA/RNA analysis
  • Pre-programmed methods for protein analysis
  • Purity scan across the whole wavelength range
  • Results and method saving to USB memory stick
  • Press to read xenon lamp
  • 3 year warranty including xenon lamp
  • Light Source: Xenon lamp
  • Outputs: USB, Analogue, RS232, Internal printer
  • Size (w x d x h): 275mm X 400mm X 220mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Fitted with a micro-cuvette holder and supplied with a single 10x10mm cuvette holder, 100 disposable micro-cuvettes, instruction manual, USB
    memory stick and universal power supply.