The STEM Integrity 10 Reaction Block enables you to conduct 10 different reactions simultaneously within the same reaction block, each reaction being conducted within its own cell, at its own individual temperature and stir rate. If desired, fast heating and cooling rates can be selected, with temperature ramps of between 0.5?C/min to 5?C/min.

  • 10 individual cells in one reaction block
  • Individual control of temperature and stirring rate for each cell
  • Temperature range of -30?C to 150?C
  • Stirring rate of 250 rpm- 1200 rpm
  • Cell working volume of 1ml- 25ml
  • Optional attachments for refluxing, and working under vacuum or inert gas conditions
  • Optional multi-infrared probes for solubility/ crystallisation studies
  • Automatic microprocessor control through a touchscreen
  • Optional PC Software for external control and additional functionality.