The 767 Aneroid is a testament to Welch Allyn’s nearly 100 year history of blood pressure innovation, the 767 combines the traditional benefits you have come to expect from Welch Allyn with improved aesthetics and a new contemporary design.



  • Laser engraved dial face provides unmatched accuracy
  • Certified accurate to +/- 3 mm Hg
  • Recessed dial face and high contrast pointer increase visibility and reduce parallax errors


  • Jeweled movement contributes to a longer life
  • Lifetime calibration warranty


  • New 5 leg mobile stand provides stability and maneuverability
  • Built in storage basket on wall and desk model


  • Comes with adult FlexiPort® BP cuff that is antimicrobial treated to help prevent mildew and bacteria growth
  • Latex free
  • Mercury free